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Ильиных Яна Александровна
МОБУ «Лицей № 5»
Ученица 8 м класса

My name is Yana Ilinich. I live in Orenburg. I study in Lyceum №5.I like English so much, because I have been studying it since I was five. Every person has a Motherland. It is a place where the person was born, where he grew up, where his parents' home is. As for me Motherland is a small and clean town Orenburg. Orenburg is a historical town. It is 269 years old. Our town was founded in 1743. It was based three times in three different places. Originally Orenburg fortress was founded in the estuary of the Ob River in 1735. However our town was transferred to another place – Krasnaya Gora. Eventually Orenburg was built in the third time by Nepluev on Berdinskaya fortress place. Orenburg is situated only in Europe. There is a symbolic sign of the historical border between Europe and Asia on the footbridge across Ural; however it has not been recognized by International Geographic Association. Our town is well - developed in art and culture. There are plenty of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and other places for cultural rest. The oldest theatre of our town is Orenburg regional theatre of drama named in honor of M. Gorky. A lot of famous people have visited our town. A.S .Pushkin was one of them. After this trip he has written «Capitan ‘s daughter», which tells us about Pugachev ,s riot. A lot of sightseeing decorate the streets of Orenburg. For example the monument of Orenburg Cossacks, Caravan Saray. Our town is famous for its downy shawls. It is popular all over the world. Orenburg is a young progressing town which has a long way ahead. It has been growing and improving. Every year the streets of our town become more beautiful . I am proud of my town! And I will try to do best for it. It is the main mission of our generation!

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