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Бубнов Роман Сергеевич
ГБУ ОШИ «Губернаторский многопрофильный лицей-интернат
для одаренных детей Оренбуржья»
Ученик 10 б класса

I was born in Abdulino. It is a small town in the Orenburg region. My town is not big. Population is about 30 000 people. It is located in Predurale, on the river Tiris, in 280 km to the northwest from Orenburg. In first time Abdulino is mentioned as Abdulov's new village. Its population was about 37 men. By the way, in 1923 Abdulino has received the town status and the number of villagers began to rise. Today Konstantin Rikov is the most prominent representative of Abdulino. Mainly my town specializes on groats manufacture and transport repair. I’m happy that I was born there. There is a quiet, nice life. My childhood was there around the beautiful nature. There are no any conflicts, wars and negative situations in my town. Today Abdulino is adapted for people prospective. If you want to live a life with prosperity, you can choose our town. We have about 10 schools, one lyceum and one branch of Moscow Economic University. Abdulino has a big railway station. And also, there are some beautiful places, for example, a green park in the suburbs. We have a small football stadium near the forest. So, I would like to say one remarkable proverb ‘East or west: home is best’. I love Abdulino, despite everything.

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