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Ершова Наталья, ученица 10 класса
МБОУ СОШ с. Сосново
Руководитель: Бурнышева Галина Ивановна
Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ села Сосново

People of our village live a quiet life, but they enjoy celebrating holidays. They prefer gather together on different occasions. The pagan summer solstice festivity known as Kupala is associated with water, ritual al bathing and lighting of bonfires. This fun event is one of the noisiest and the most crowded celebrations. Over a hundred people come to the bank of the river and enjoy the holiday. They watch the concert, sing songs and dance. The highlight of the event is horse races. This event attracts people from the nearest villages.
One more traditional festival is the celebration of Shrovetide. There are plenty of food things to eat. A fair is organized. People sell homemade things, home prepared food. Different pies, blini and shashliki are served. Children and adults compete climbing the pole for the prize, the rope pulling, dancing and singing songs. Children ride horses. The atmosphere of the holiday is great.
The annual sport contest between different teams is one of the most important events in spring. It is held on the 8th of May and is devoted to the Victory Day. Family teams, collective farmer teams and school teams compete in running. The relay unites people of different ages from 7 to 40 and different professions such as teachers, tractor drivers, salespersons, bakers, cooks, drivers, engineers, milkmaids, housewives. The war veterans award the winners. After that a garland of fame is put to the monument by the team which has won.

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