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Огородникова Анна, ученица 10 класса
МБОУ СОШ с. Сосново
Руководитель: Бурнышева Галина Ивановна
Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ села Сосново

Walking along a modern street we remember nothing about the first settler of the village but the street ‘’Erohi’’ will always be associated with Erofei.The oldest part of my native place Erohi dates back from the eighteenth century. The legend goes that in old days there used to be green fields and mixed forests here. The first man to settle in this solitary place Erofei was ‘’Old Believer’’. Other people came but after some time went away then returned again. The first settlement was called ‘’Voroteni ‘’.Today’s name Sosnovo appeared at the end of the 18th century. They say it has two meanings; people tried to live here for several times ‘’so snova’’, Sosnovo is surrounded by a great number of pine trees. So my village is a picturesque place situated among hills and crossed by a great number of small springs with clean and tasty water. We have two ponds and people enjoy fishing and swimming in their free time. Our forests are rich in mushrooms and berries. In spite of civilization which also has come to our village you can still meet wild animals such as bears, elks, boars, hares, foxes, wolves and squirrels in the forests which are so great especially in autumn. The beauty of our nature, its luxuries meadows, its woods and rivers have become the subject matter of our village painter Gavrilkin Michael Egorovich. With his sincere approach and simple manner he opens our eyes to the beauty of our own native landscape. The sketches which have been made direct from nature contain a freshness and vigor. The painter renders the rural landscape skillfully. He paints everything; landscape, still life and portraits. His pictures are painted in water-colors and are drawn in pen. His works were exhibited in Tchaikovsky’s gallery and on different regional displays in Perm.

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