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Паболков Глеб, ученик 8 класса,
МБОУ «СОШ №10 с углубленным изучением
английского языка» г. Находка Приморского края.
Учитель Николайчук Елена Васильевна.

My name is Gleb Pabolkov. I live in Nakhodka which is situated on the coast of the Sea of Japan. I want to tell you about my home - town and its natural attractions. All people who come to our city are deeply impressed by the beauty of our nature. Vivid sunsets over the gulf, cosy bays, amazing natural beaches, and unusual rocks always attract them. People living far away from the sea dream to come here and to admire the beauty of the area, they want to smell the sea and to listen to the cry of seagulls. Coastal stones and rocks will tell you a lot of extraordinary stories. Nature itself endowed Nakhodka with fine monuments that can be hardly seen in any other city.
The beautiful rock named "Sister is a symbol of our city and it's always different. It is about 250 million years old. There is a saying that Russia begins here. The glorifying pyramid of white limestone rises over the sea. The rock ’’Sister’’ is known to all Russian seamen. It can be compared with a hostess who is the first to welcome the arriving ships and the last to see them off.
In the bay "Spokoynaya" which is not far from the city there are amazing mountain constructions called ‘’castles’’. They rise 150 meters high over the sea. You can wander among the rocky miracles for hours. One rock looks like a vulture, the second rock is like a thoughtful baby elephant , the third one reminds of birds’ feathers.
The rock having an unusual name " The Devil's finger" is one of the most beautiful natural constructions located on the territory of more than 5 sq. km. This is an old and the most visited ‘’Castle’’ in the Park of Nature. All rocky constructions attract tourists very much because they all are various and unique. If you are lucky, you can find a black crystal "Marion", a half- precious stone which is considered to bring a fortunate.

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