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A settlement Novii, Nadezhdinsky district

Гурская Ксения. Я живу в Приморском крае,
Надеждинский район, п. Новый.
Я учусь в 9 «А» классе Средней школы № 6.

My Motherland is a settlement Novii, Nadezhdinsky district, which is situated in 30 km from the capital of Primorsky region. A clearly expressed monsoon climate is characteristic of Vladivostok and it brinds frequent and heavy rainfall. The autumn as a rule is dry and sunny, the windy winter has little snowfall. The warmest mouths on the entire, coast is August but it is the very time for the strongest and most destructive typhoons.
Our Settlement was founded on the plain fields thanks to two big enterprises which built houses for their workers. It is a pig farm « Pacific» and a poultry farm «Nadezhdinsky». The settlement is called Novii ( New in English ) but it is 70 years old already. The settlement Is crossed by a high-speed highway which goes us De-frieze peninsula and is finished by the bridge to Russky Island. There will be a campus FEFU there. I am sure to be a student of the Far Eastern Federal University. I am looking forward for graduating from the ninth form. Now I am preparing for the exam and waiting for summer. Summer is the time when everything is in blossom and we have time to rest by the sea.
More than that district is well – know for rare species of a Far East leopard. For a long time leopards have left the warm African lands and have gone to explore the new lands. They learnt to survive, hunt and breed there kittens in the deep snow. Since then Far Easter leopards differ from their southern brother in thick fur, fluffy tail and gray eyes. But men came to leopards’ lend and forests. For 100 years of severe struggle with people a few leopards survived in the south – west of Primorie.
Everybody duty is to save all the leopards.

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