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Антонов Кирилл Дмитриевич
МБОУ СОШ №14 город Салават РБ
3 «А» класс
Федорова Татьяна Владимировна
Учитель английского языка

My name is Antonov Kirill . I am 9. I am in the third form .I was born in Salavat. I love my town. I want to tell you about it. Salavat is situated 160 km to the South from Ufa. Ufa is the capital city. The Republic of Bashkortostan has many cities. Salavat is the largest city. My town has a population of 160 thousand people. It was founded in 1948. The Bashkir land covered with glory of the legendary batyr and poet Salavat Yulayev. Our town was called in honour of Bashkir national hero Salavat Yulayev. We can see the beautiful monument to the Bashkir hero. There are a lot of beautiful buildings, cinema, museums, Central Square, many streets ,swimming pool and sport palace.
Salavat is situated on river Agidel’. It’s very beautiful and clear river. There are many fish. I like to catch fish with my parents. Salavat is a multicultural town. There are many folklore’s festivals and holidays. I like to go a very popular and loved my friends and my parents national holiday Sabantuy and the Day of the City. There are a lot of flowers, flags and other decorations .There are a lot of competitions for sports and dancing competitions. You can choose any competition you like .
We like travelling and visiting many beautiful new places, but I very like only my town Salavat!

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