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Chegem waterfalls

Эристаева Амина 11 «а» класс
Учитель-Жангуланова Лариса Ахматовна

I have recently visited one of the most beautiful places of our homeland, and I would like to tell you about it and to share with you my impressions. I spent my winter holidays with my grandmother in a village of Lower Chegem in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.
Chegem waterfalls are an impressive creation of nature which is great for its austerity and power. They are one of the most beautiful frozen waterfalls in the world. The mountain river Chegem rushes in tight streamway with the hard breaking way through the serpentine ravines. That was the reason for the name "Chegem" which means "broken land". A lot of waterfalls and streams are noisily cascading off the rocks into the river. In the winter they turn into a lot of icicles of different sizes and sometimes their height reaches several tens of meters. They besiege the rocks, creating the whimsical compositions. An icebound river over and over again breaks the surface, breaking the giant blocks of ice and making new strokes in a fantastic landscape.
There is a sad legend about the formation of Chegem waterfalls. Deep in the mountains there was a small Balkarian village with girls of singular beauty. Their eyes were as blue as the spring forest flowers. They had dark floor-length braids and a pink blush like snow-capped peaks in the hour of dawn. And once the enemies have come to the village, and they wanted to lead the girls into slavery. The girls rushed to the rocks, ran to the precipice and jumped down. The girls were jumping, and their hair clung to the shelf rocks. Thus, the wall of Chegem waterfalls was formed, and streams of the water is the hair of unsubdued mountain girls.

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