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Welcome to Pudozh land!

Егоров Иван I курс ГБОУ НПО
РК «Профессиональное училище № 22»
Преподаватель - Минина Александра Александровна

Pudozh land is a land of amazing nature. It is a land of attractive landscape, white nights, blue rivers and lakes, dense forests and rocks. We have got a lot of fish in the lakes and rivers. Pudozh land is well-known for the natural majestic beauty, historical and cultural monuments, peaceful and friendly people. Pudozh land has got the unique nature: 50 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds and more than 20 species of fishes are living here. People enjoy boating and fishing here.
There are many wild animals here. They are: hares, lynxes, bears, wolves, elks, squirrels, foxes. The host of the north forest is Black Bear. White-tailed sea eagle is put down into the Red Book of Russia. Many tourists come to our place every year. They like resting and hunting. The best known tourist attractions are Muromsky Monastery, Demon’s Cape (Besov Nos), Vodlozero National park, Ilyinsky Pogost. Pudozh land is probably the most exotic park of Karelia. The largest portion of petroglyph findings is located in our area. Vodlozero National park is the first in the north of Russia. It is the largest national park in Europe.

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