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Гутова Анастасия, студентка группы ТВ-21,
Николаева Элина Пантелеевна,
преподаватель английского языка,
Марийский аграрный колледж (филиал) ФГБОУ
ВПО «Марийский государственный университет»;

We would like to tell you about the village of Ezhovo one of the picturesque place in the Republic of Mari El. The village of Ezhovo is an administrative center, located in 18 km to the northeast from the capital of Mari El Yoshkar-Ola. It has a long history. The village was founded in 1660 near the Mironositsky monastery. In 1844 church school was opened there and in 1877 – national school. Year by year the village grew and developed. About 1400 people live there. Nowadays Ezhovo is a quite big, modern and well-improved village with four or five storeyed apartment houses, nursery and secondary schools, School of Art, library, shops, out-patients department, post-office, club and bathhouse. There are beautiful gardens near the houses and a fascinating park in the village. One of the most remarkable places is the building of Mari Agrarian College. It is necessary to mention that the prosperity of Ezhovo was closely connected as with the development of monastery so with the foundation of Agrarian College. The history of this college began with opening the school, which specialized in training chairmen for collective and state farms. Then in 1968 it became a technical school, its first director was E.V. Vasilev. Lately a new building of technical school, three hostels were built. Students and teachers took an active part in transforming the view of their native place. A lot of birches, linden trees, larches, pines and apple trees were planted by them there. Today in Mari Agrarian College students can get professions of an accountant, a veterinarian, an agronomist, a zootechnican and technologist of meat and milk products. People like their small homeland and always try to keep it clean.

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