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My little Motherland – Arda

Шабалин Андрей Николаевич,
НОУ СПО «Марийский кооперативный техникум»
с. Арда, выпускник Ардинской средней школы 2011 г., 9 кл.
Увлекается баскетболом, волейболом.

The name of Arda was mentioned in the atlas of Pavlishcheva in 1389. Arda as a village was founded more than 600 years ago and at the end of the XVI-century it was named the First Arda. The population consists of Maris, Russians, Chuvashes and Bashkirs. The native people are Mari, who have a lot of old traditions. These traditions are popular among Pagans and Christians. A lot of people in Arda take part in celebration of Christmas, Easter, Peledysh Pairem. The village is beautifully decorated on these days. The people from the nearest villages are also invited on these celebrations. The houses in my village are wooden and the most buildings are decorated with paintings and wood-carvings which tell us some information about the owner of the house and the history of its family. There is a central house of Culture, a secondary school, a shop, a post-office, a park near the pond and the river Kuchmyzh. There are two monuments to the soldiers, died during the Great Patriotic War in the park. We are proud of our old church which was built in 1745. It was called Christmas church. On the eve of the revolution there were 218 books and 40 icons. There were 6 bells on the bell tower. The priest of this church Alexander Nikolsky was repressed in 30-years of the XX-th century. The church used to be a recreation centre at that time. And only at the end of the XX-th century it began to serve people again. We are proud of our people .Our women embroider napkins and towels with Mari ornaments. A famous composer Mironov, the author of more than 150 songs in Mari and Russian languages, lived and worked in Arda. If someone asks me about the most beautiful place in the world I’ll answer that it is my little Motherland – my Arda. The place where I was born and where my heart is.

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