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Ластовенко Никита
МАОУ СОШ пос. Витим
Учащийся 10 – а класса.
Учитель английского языка
Молчанова Людмила Николаевна

My name is Nikita. I`m in the 10-th form. I`d like to tell about the place where I live. Our settlement Vitim is situated in Lensky district in the south-western part of Yakutia. It is situated on a left bank of the Lena, impressing of the wonderful views at surrounding places. The boundless mountains, thick forests, numerous rivers and lakes! Those who have seen this country once will never forget the impressions they have had.
The history of Vitim began in the year of 1621. First it was a small winter fort founded by Cossacks at the confluence of two rivers: the Lena and the Vitim. Vitim has very rich history. More than three hundred years this severe region received travellers, gold- diggers, Decembrists and revolutionaries. In different times many famous people have visited Vitim: N.Chernyshevsky, V.Korolenko and I.Goncharov, E.Yaroslavsky and G.Petrovsky, N.Kalandarashvili and I.Strod, S.P.Krasheninnikov.
The local inhabitants believe that V.Shishkov described our place under the name Robbery village in his famous novel «Ugryum-reka». They show Prokhor Gromov`s houses to every visitor. There is a very important place for every citizen of Vitim. It’s a memorial. The settlement’s development is presently influenced by Surgutneftegas and the development of the Talakan oil field. Vitim has changed greatly; new houses, cafes, small hotels have been built; all the streets have been asphalted. We have a lot of shops and some markets. It is planned that in future a new city will appear at this place.

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