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Морозовская Ванда,
ученица 10В класса МАОУ «Лицей №121»
Советского района города Казани Республики Татарстан
Учитель: Бердинская Ольга Николаевна

Everyone has his motherland, mine is Kazan. Kazan is a large and beautiful city, which is situated on the right bank of the Volga river. This city combines different nationalities, cultures and religions. Being the third capital of Russia, it is original and unique. Kazan is a place of amazing sights: the leaning tower Söyembikä, the ancient white-stone Kremlin, the wonderful Palace of Farmers. They fascinate their visitors with their beauty. There is a legend connected with the city’s name. Many years ago a great wizard gave advice to the Bulgars to build a city in the place, where the cauldron of water will boil without any fire.
Kazan is one of the largest cultural centers of Russia. With the UNESCO’s support the world's first Institute of the Culture of Peace was established there. My city is a host city to an annual opera festival named after Shalyapin, Nureyev’s festival of ballet, Rachmaninov’s festival of classical music, folk and rock music festival "The Creation", literary festival "Aksenov-fest" and the festival of the Muslim Cinematography "Golden Minbar". The city has many museums, including 34 state museums and several public and private galleries. A large number of theatres is located in the city. In total there are 9 theatres in Kazan, 3 of them have academic rank.
Kazan is closely connected with sport. Summer Universiade-2013 will take place here, Championship of the World Aquatics in 2015, Confederations Cup in 2017, FIFA World Cup in 2018, and it has frequently been the venue for sporting events at different levels. Kazan is full of freedom, tolerance and inspiration. It is the city of contrasts. Kazan is a place where two cultures collide, two religions meet and two peoples love and respect each other. It has its own unique beauty and originality. I wish lots of people visited this amazing place.

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