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My town

Еремин Владислав Николаевич, учащийся 9а класса
МБОУ «Камскополянская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»
Камские Поляны, Нижнекамский район, Республика Татарстан
Учитель: Бикмамбетова Римма Равильевна

It is dawn. The first appearance of the sun in the morning. I am standing on the top of one of the hills that surround our town. I have come here to meet the Sun’s light. The Sun is slowly rising out of the river Kama and I see wonderful sights: blue lines of the rivers, blue mirrors of the lakes, green patches of the meadows with beautiful wild flowers and berries hidden in the thick grass.
I am happy. I enjoy every minute of my being here and breathing the fresh and vital beauty of the surrounding nature. Birds are singing their wonderful songs, flowers are showing their bright colors: yellow, red, orange, violet, rose, white, pink .The butterflies and bees are dancing in the air.
I am looking at the bottom of the hill. There, in the valley there is an unforgettable sight of my native town. It is small. It is just one of the ordinary towns that are scattered in the vast lands of our great country. But it is dear and close to me. It is here I barefooted played football with neighbor boys. It is here my Mum took my tiny hand and led me to the school where I got my first excellent mark and learned the English language so that now I am able to do this writing.
There is nothing special in my town. But the nature and the people living here are given the most important thing- faith. It is great faith that brings us together. It is the faith that makes us patient and understanding and helps us to survive in hard times. It is the faith that gives us proud of our small motherland. And that faith brings us back again and again to our native place.

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