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Welcome to Khakasia.

Я, Болдушевский Евгений,
живу в городе Черногорске
республика Хакасия.

Мне 16 лет, я учусь в 10 классе МБОУ "СОШ№5". Я очень люблю английский язык, занимаюсь спортом. Мой учитель по английскому языку Ермолина Светлана Ивановна предложила мне принять участие в конкурсе "Наша страна - наше наследие". Мне захотелось рассказать о моей республике, о ее природе , достопримечательностях.
I live in a beautiful place. There is an ancient land in the south of Eastern Siberia, whose name is Khakasia- sunny Khakasia, as it is called for the annual average of 300 days of sunshine. It covers an area of 61,000 square kilometers. Khakasia is populated by 108 nationalities. Its population is 583 thousand people. The population lives mostly in towns. Only 30 per cent of the population is rural. The capital of the Republic is Abakan with the population of more than 160,000inhabitants. Abakan is a cultural centre of our republic. It is not very big but it is beautiful. And it is developing. If you could stay in Abakan you will see its theatres, museums, art galleries, monuments, churches and historical buildings, parks, the local Zoo. The largest rivers of our republic are the Yenisei, the Chulym and the Abakan. They are deep, long and navigable. The world’s largest hydroelectric station, the Sayano- Shushenskaya, is on the Yenisei River. There are 500 lakes in Khakasia. Lake Shira is famous for its health resort not only in our republic but all over our country. It is situated in the north of the republic. I like to spend my summer holidays with my family there. Mountains are an important feature of the geography of the republic. 50 per cent of its territory is mountainous. The highest point of the republic is the mountain Karagosh (2930 m.). A large part of the republic is covered with forests (taiga). I like my home town Chernogorsk and my republic and I’m happy to live in it..

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