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Taganrog. Chekhov’ s library.

Glukhova Vlada
School №12 in the 6th form.

Taganrog is a large Russian town.It is situated on the shore of the Azov sea.The great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in Taganrog.There are many Chekhov’ s places. They are Chekhov’ s shop,Chekhov’ s house,Chekhov’ s library,gymnasium where he studied.I would like to tell about Chekhov’ s library.The central public library named after A.P.Chekhov is the oldest library in the south of Russia.It was opened on the 23rd of May in 1876.One of its first readers was a student of the gymnasium Anton Chekhov.In the 90s he was the reater of it till his eath in 1904.The writer sent the books in foreign languages to the library .In the year of writer’ s beath(1904) the library was named aften Chekhov.The new building of the library was built according to the desigh of Moskow academician of architecture F.O. Shekhtel.More than 120 years the library meets its readers and gives them free information in different areas of knowledge.Chekhov’ s library consists of 13 departments.The year 2010 was a great importance for the central library.Our town celebrated the 150th anniversary of Chekhov.The historical building was renovated.The new library equipment,the new furniture were bought.The citizens of Taganrog have the great informative resourse.The library consists of two buildings which are connected with a passage.The library is full of modern computers and special printers and machines for coping.There are comfortable halls for readers in the library. I love my town.It’ s espeeially beautiful in spring when the nature awaks from winter.Welcome to Taganrog!Don’ t miss your chance.

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