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Cherednichenko Victoria

I study at musical school in the class of vocal and synthesizer. I am a winner of international and all-russian vocal competitions.
Taganrog is a beautiful, bright and picturesque town, situated on the coast of the Azov Sea. The town was founded in 1698 by the great Russian Tsar Peter I. It became the first military-naval base in Russia. Modern Taganrog is a scientific, industrial and cultural-historical center of the southern Russia. The town presented the world a lot of outstanding people: singer Obraztsova, poet Tanich, actress Ranevskaya , writer Vasilenko. Taganrog is a hometown of the russian writer and playwright Chekhov. Many places of memory: house of Chekhov, Chekhov's shop, Chekhov's Gymnasium, the theater of Chekhov are associated with his name. The sculptures such as: «a man in a case», «thick and thin», «romance with contrabass», «Egyptian pyramid» are devoted to the creativity of Chekhov. They decorate our town. You can learn about town’s history by visiting the museum «Townbuilding of Taganrog». You can see paintings of prominent russian painters: Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Savrasov, Repin, Surikov in our Art Gallery. One of the main attractions of Taganrog is the palace of Alferaki, built in Baroque style in 1848. The favorite place of rest of the citizens is our town park. Various concerts, festivals and competitions are held in Green Theatre of the park. “Eternal flame” is burnt in memory of those who were kihled during the Great Patriotic War. The town of Taganrog was awarded the title "Town of Military Glory" for courage, fortitude and heroism displayed by the inhabitants of the town in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Fatherland. Taganrog is my hometown. I'm very proud of it. Welcome to Taganrog!

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