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The wonderful town of Taganrog

Шепетинская Ольга Игоревна

My name is Olga. I study in the 10th form. I am a very creative and versatile person. I have finished a musical school - I can play a piano, and also I like singing and dancing very much. I study perfectly, but besides school I have many hobbies. Already now I precisely know what I want. Every day I put before myself the new purpose and I achieve it, so it is my character.
I was born and live in the wonderful town of Taganrog and I want to tell about it. Taganrog is a town in the Rostov region, a port on the bank of Azov Sea. This town is included into the list of historical cities of Russia. On November, 3rd, 2011 Taganrog was awarded by the honorary title «The City of military glory». Taganrog is located on a southeast part of the Miussky peninsula, wich run into a Taganrog gulf of Azov Sea. The old part of a town is located on a cape Tagany Rog. Taganrog is a southern seaside town, wich is situated in the southwest of the Rostov region. Taganrog was founded by Peter I in 1698 as a fortress and port, our town is a native town of A.P.Chekhov, F.G.Ranevskaya. Great A.S.Pushkin veined and created here, Emperor Alexander I was in transit there. A lot of our outstanding fellow countrymen became very known and favorite by all people! Taganrog is one of the largest cities of the Rostov region and the South of Russia. The national structure is very various. About 90 nationalities live in a city. The town developed the system of transport communications: railway, automobile, sea, air. The wide network of highways connects coastal zones with trunk mains of directions the north - the south, the east the West. The railway two-acceptable network is executed in two directions: to the West through Ukraine and to the east. Sea transportations and communication with the countries of pool of Mediterranean sea is carried out through the Taganrog seaport. Taganrog occupies the second place on the output among cities of the Rostov region. There are such industries, as mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering and metal working, chemical, food and automobile manufacture in Taganrog . In the conclusion I want to say that I love my native town very much. Something special connects me with it. In this city there is something unusual, attracting. The city has a deep history, it is well-known and even was a minute capital of Russia. But not therefore I love this town, but because Taganrog is my favorite native land!

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