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Samarskoe, Rostov region

Климов Дмитрий,
6 класс МБОУ Новобатайская СОШ №9,
Кагальницкий район, Ростовская область
Резникова Оксана Владимировна,
учитель английского языка

There is a big village not far from Rostov-on-Don. It is 35 km from the town of Azov. It is situated at the Kagalnik River. The name of this village is Samarskoe. It was founded in 1770.The village was named in honor of the first pioneer Ivan Marteshenko. Some people called him Samarchenko. The house of Ivan Marteshenko was on the bank of the river Kagalnik, and then inhabitants from the village Koysug began to come and put up here. Now the population of this village is about 11 200 people. Till 1960th years the village was the district of the Samara area which in 1963 entered into the Azov region. The village is connected by suburban railway communication on Kushchyovk's branch — Rostov and the automobile route communication with Rostov-on-Don. There are four schools, three kindergartens, a football stadium, the house for young disabled people, a market, two banks and a district hospital. The village has more than 15 grocery shops and 3 auto shops. The Troitsk Church was constructed in 1853. It was destroyed in the early sixties of the XX century. Now the new brick temple is constructed. Samarskoe is a very romantic and quite place, where you can enjoy nature and collect with your thoughts. The Kagalnik River is full of fish. Come and enjoy it yourself.

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