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St. Petersburg, Anichkov bridge and Klodt`s horses

Гончарова Ксения
Александрийская гимназия № 628

Я учусь в 7 классе. Очень люблю свой неповторимый и удивительный Санкт-Петербург. Люблю его памятники, дворцы, мосты и, конечно, петербуржцев и гостей города.
There are many beautiful and interesting places in our wonderful city. I want to tell you about Anichkov bridge. Because, this bridge and Klodt`s horses are one of the brightest symbol of Saint-Petersburg. Length of bridge is 54,6m. and its width is 37,9m. In 1715 Peter I issued an order to bild a bridge crossing Fontanka river. 70 years later, the bridge way worn into Granite quays. Till the end of 18 century Fontanka river was a border of the city and Anichkov bridge was a border bridge. In 1841-1842 the bridge was absolutely rebuilt. This time famous sculpture’s «Conquest of the horse by man» were made by great Russian sculptor Peter Klodt. There is one interesting fact about this bridge that horses «looking» to Palece Square are versed, but horses « looking» to Liteiny prospect are not versed. There is a version about this fact: that time forges were Located in Liteiny prospect and unversed horses go to these forges and versed horses go in opposite direction-from Liteiny prospect . Klodt`s daughter helped him to create his paintings: she was sitting on the horse and putting on its hind legs and her father was making his sketches. During world second War Klodt`s horses were buried into ground in the yard of pier palace, but they were returned to their place till the end of the War. Many legends are connected with Anichkov bridge and it is hard to say which of them are true or false.

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