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Зайченко Вячеслав
Ученик 7а класса ГБОУ СОШ 553
Фрунзенского района Санкт-Петербурга
Учитель Оксана Эдуардовна Купцова

My name is Slava Zaychenko. I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m proud of its beauty and glorious history. I like to visit its famous sights: parks, squares, memorials and monuments. But my favourite place is my native Frunzensky district. It is situated in the southern part of the city. Sometimes it is called Kupchino. You may think that this name is connected with trade and merchants. You are wrong! The name of it comes from the Finnish word “kupsila” which means “a hare”. Many many centuries ago there was a small Finnish village but its name is still living!
Now Kupchino is a large residential area. It’s quiet and cozy. There are a lot of shopping centres, libraries, cinemas, gyms and sport centres. You can get everything you want. The most popular shopping centre is Balkania Nova, it is situated near the underground station Kupchino. There is a big cinema near it. It is Kronverk Cinema. Hundreds of people visit this cinema every day. Some people like to go to the libraries. The most popular with schoolchildren is Children`s library named after I.A. Krylov. We like to read and borrow books here. Also we often visit it to have library lessons and meet writers and poets. There are some places of interest in my district. The most popular are the monument to our soldiers who perished in the Afghan war. It is situated on the Slava prospect. Close to it is St.George’s Church. He is the Patron Saint of the soldiers. The monument to G.C. Zhukov, the hero of the Great Patriotic War, is also a famous place in my district. There are some churches in my district. One of them, Church of the Saint Seraphim Vyritsky, is being built on Dundicha street. It’s very beautiful!
I love the place I live in.
Welcome to my district!

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