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Ивлева Александра
МОУ-СОШ №1 Арамильского ГО Свердловской области
7 «Б» класс
Учитель: Хавова Ирина Сергеевна, I категория

Aramil is the first Ural town. It appeared in 1765 when there was no Ekaterinburg, nor Sysert or Nizhny Tagil. The town was built on the river Aramil. Its benches were covered with small bushes which Bashkir called “arema” – tousle. Scientists say the name of the town can originate from this word. Another variant of the name’s origin is from two Bashkir words "aram" - sadness and "il" motherland. According to the poetic legend the town was named after a beautiful Bashkir girl Aramil who mysteriously disappeared.
The first inhabitants of Aramil were allowed to settle here from the government, others were runaway serfs. First they built a fortress with towers and a fence. In 18th century Aramilskaya Settlement included the territory of the future plants of Ekaterinburg, Kamensk-Ural, Polevskoy, Sysert, Revda. Like Kiev is called the mother of many Russian cities so Aramil can be called the mother of the Ural factories.
People in Aramil always attended church. In 1782 the stone church of Holy Trinity was founded. Now the church is restored, and when people come to our town they can hear beautiful music of bells from the new temple which gather people to services.
The most important enterprise for our town is cloth factory, it was built more than 100 years ago. Last owners of the factory brothers Zlokazov organized a whole complex for workers with hospital, dormitory and even a small theatre. The factory made a very good cloth and it was even sold abroad in the 1910s. The factory still works today together with a number of plants and factories such as Civil Air Repair Plant, Stone-cutting plant and many others. Aramil today is a very beautiful and developing town. A lot of new multiple-storied buildings, large trade-centres are recently built in our town. Next year we will have a wonderful sport complex with a large swimming pool in our town.

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