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Петрунив Анна Сергеевна
Муниципальное казенное вечернее (сменное)
Общеобразовательное учреждение «Богдановичская открытая (сменная)
общеобразовательная школа», г.Богданович Свердловской области
Преподаватель английского языка Полякова Людмила Николаевна

Low mountains, woods, two small rivers, lakes and the transparent sky surround our Ural town of Bogdanovich. Its history began in the middle of the XIX century. Emperor Alexander III approved the proposal of Colonel Evgeny Bogdanovich to build a railroad from the centre of Russia across the Urals to Tyumen and then to China. In 1885 the station of Overino was renamed after Bogdanovich. This place became a town in 1947. Self-confidence, capacity for work and romanticism differ the citizens of our town. We have many special traditions. The Stepan Shchipachyov Literary Museum, named after the best Russian lyric poet of 1930s-1940s, preserves traditions connected with him. Shchipachyov was born in the village of Shchipachi near Bogdanovich. On the eve of the poet’s birthday, January, 6 the Museum holds the Christmas Party for the friends of the Museum. The poems and songs are heard and the best local poet receives the “Porcelain Bell” prize. The Pushkin Marathon is held in Shchipachi on Pushkin’s birthday. At the Poets’ Tournament the King or the Queen of the town of Bogdanovich and its environs is chosen. The “Home. Family. Motherland” Holiday is dedicated to an event connected with the life of the town. In 2011 it was devoted to the 100th anniversary of Pavel Bazhov and Valentina Ivanitskaya’s marriage. It happened in the church of the village of Kashina near Bogdanovich in 1911. In honour of Ural Homer’s marriage there was made the monument called the Stone of Two Rings. The Magic of Dance Festival, the Young Stars Children Competition, the exhibitions of paintings, the author’s dolls, etc. are only a part of our town’s life. It is versatile. It creates the magical charm of Bogdanovich that bewitches the guests of our town.

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