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Stavropol Territory’s Coat of Arms and Flag.

Борисенко Валентина Борисовна
МБОУ СОШ № 21 города Ставрополя

Stavropol Territory’s heraldic coat of arms is divided by the horizontal line into two parts. There is the main part of the historical Stavropol Province’s Coat of arms which was affirmed in 1878 in the upper part of it. You can see a silver mountain on the light-blue field. On the top of the mountain there is a fortress. A road goes to the gates of the fortress. Above the gates there is a pentagram. It symbolizes protection and guarding. In the lower part of the heraldic coat of arms you can see a map of Stavropol region. It is golden and is situated on the blue field. In the left part of the map there is a white cross. It shows the position of Stavropol. The line drawn to the left and to the right means the 45th parallel of northern hemisphere which passes through the region’s main city. The heraldic coat of arms is framed by a garland made from oak leaves and wheat ears. The garland is interlaced with a ribbon which is red and blue and white like the flag of Russia. On the top of the garland there is a double-headed eagle, the main figure of the Russian Federation’s coat of arms. Stavropol Territory’s flag is yellow. You can see a white cross on the golden field. In the centre of the cross there is the Stavropol Territory’s coat of arms.

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