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The Stavropol School № 21

Есикова Елена Владимировна
МБОУ СОШ № 21 города Ставрополя
Ставропольская школа № 21

The Stavropol school № 21 was founded in 1973. About 850 children study at our school. The school has many traditions. For example, at our school there are sports football classes.
Our school is attractive to all categories of children. The identifying characteristic of our school is inclusive education. It is our school mission. At our school ordinary children with disabled children study together.
The study of the problem “Planning of the Model of Psychological and Pedagogical Accompaniment of Teaching Disabled Children at State Secondary School” is a topical interest because:
1). the problem of the integrated education of disabled children exists and should be solved in the frames of the development of the open civil society;
2). the theory and practice of teaching disabled children at state secondary school has been worked out insufficiently;
3). There is difficulty in determining the main and local strategies of the search using the teacher-training model for the integrated education. The attitude of the society towards teaching disabled children at secondary school has changed.
This model includes specific knowledge of integrated children-training. It helps the teachers to get specific skills and practical knowledge and understand the values of pedagogical reality in the frames of integrated approach to education.
It provides them with such standard-law credentials as “The Conception of Integrated Education”, “School and Home Bringing up and Education Disabled Children regulations”, “Psychological, Medical and Pedagogical Work Regulations”, “The List of School Doctor’s Obligations” and “Health Passport of Special Educational Needs Student”.
Thanks to the study teachers have the health protecting educational model.

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