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Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre.

Катаева Валентина Валентиновна,
учитель английского языка
МАОУ лицей №35, г. Челябинска

Chelyabinsk is considered to be an industrial city but the cultural life of our city is also highly developed. There are lots of museums, theatres where people can touch and enjoy the art. One of the post popular places, especially among theatre-lovers, is Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre.
Chelyabinsk Drama Theatre named after Nahum Orlov is composition of traditions and modernity. It is the biggest theater and the proud of our region and cultural centre of Chelyabinsk. The best and talented actors work in this theatre. It is difficult to imagine the cultural life of Chelyabinsk without this team because every first-night is a stirring event. Drama Theatre named after Nahum Orlov is the summit of modern city center. It was officially opened on December 9, 1921 in the building of National House but in 1982 it moved to another place. Now theatre is situated on the Revolution square. In December 2011 it celebrated the 90th anniversary.
The theater is named after Nahum Orlov - People's Artist of Russia who had been its artistic director from August 9, 1973 to August 1, 2003. Nahum Orlov created an epic, humane, psychological, but at the same time bright and spectacular theater. He learned and started to use new styles and genres. The combination of tradition, experience and modern energy allows the theater to attract a young audience. The repertoire is regularly updated, it includes performances of traditional Russian and foreign classics as well as the best contemporary dramaturgy. Directors from Moscow, St. Petersburg, France and Italy are glad to cooperate with it. Drama During the night time the theatre is illuminated with emerald green light. The building is surrounded with blue spruces and has a fountain at the front side.

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