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The Village of Arsaki

Проскурина Валерия Владиславовна
МБОУ СОШ № 3 г. Александрова Владимирской области
Учащаяся 8 «в» класса, учитель английского языка - Ведь Г. А.
The village of Arsaki is situated not far from the town of Alexandrov of Vladimir region. This place attracts a lot of people who want to see the beautiful old monastery situated here, St. Zosima’s Hermitage of The Virgin of Smolensk. The visitors can see the monastery buildings of red brick surrounded by the thick wall like one of the fortress.
The founder of the Hermitage was the elder monk Zosima, who left the Trinity St. Sergius Laura and according to God’s order settled on that place in the 17-th century. The holy life of the elder and the miracles he worked attracted the Christians, willing to live nearby. Thus, the monastery life began. A lot of people, neven the members of the Royal family, came to Zosima to ask him for advice.
After the death of the elder the monastery was closed several times. In 1866 the Trinity St. Sergius Laura possessed the land and in 1897 the building of the cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk and The Holy Gates was started. At the end of the 19-th and the beginning of the 20-th century The Hermitage was the center of spiritual life of Russia.
After the revolution of 1917 the monastery was closed again and on its territory a cooperative was organized. The monks were allowed to work there, but in 1923 it was also closed. The life of the monastery stopped. The military unit housed the former monastery. The ancient wall and the cathedral were partly destroyed.
In 1992 the revival of the monastery restarted and in 1994 Zosima of Arsaki was recognized as a saint. Now the monks and the servicemen co-exist peacefully. They restore the monastery together, some soldiers sing in the monastery choir and are engaged in icon-painting.
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