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New Life of the Village of Staraya Sloboda

Рябоконь Юрий Михайлович
МБОУ СОШ № 3 г. Александрова Владимирской области
Учащийся 9 «В» класса, учитель английского языка - Ведь Г. А.
I would like to tell about a small village not far from Alexandrov. You won’t easily find the village of Staraya Sloboda on the map of our region, but in the 16-th century it was the residence of Russian Princes. Alexander Nevsky visited this village when he was in our area.
The history of the village dates back to the 12-th century, when a wooden church on the hill near the river the Seraya was built. At that time the place was called Sloboda, which means “a settlement”. In the first part of the 16-th century on the territory of the modern town of Alexandrov was Novaya (New) Alexadrova Sloboda founded and the village got the name of Staraya (Old) Sloboda.
In the summer of 1689 the village was the centre of public attention when the Russian tsar Peter the Great came here to have military exercises of his boy-soldiers regiment on the Nemetskie (German) mountains, situated nearby.
In 1696 – 1698 a stone church of The Virgin of Kasan was built in Stsraya Sloboda. In the 19-th century a bell – tower was constructed. In 1930 they were closed and partly demolished. The priest, Pavel Shutgurov, was arrested and lately shot. The revival of the Christian life in the village started in 20-th century. The church and the bell-tower were restored and opened.
Now this pace has a new life. Every year not far from Staraya Sloboda the tourist competition for teenagers “The School of Survival” take place. The nature around the village is picturesque. I and my classmates like to go there because we like to travel and to learn more about the history of our region.
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