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The Village of Makhra

Козловская Анастасия Александровна
МБОУ СОШ № 3 г. Александрова Владимирской области
Учащаяся 9 «В» класса, учитель английского языка - Ведь Г. А.

Near the town of Alexandrov of Vladimir region there is the little village of Makhra. It is famous for it’s Trinity St. Stephan of Makhra Nunnery. It was founded in 1353 by St. Stephan, who was a spiritual friend and interlocutor of St. Sergius of Radonezh.
St. Stephan wanted to live in solitude and to devote his life to God, so he chose the hermitage where he spent time working and praying. Later Christians, inspired by his example, began to settle nearby. Thus, the monastery life started.
After St. Stephan’s death in 1406 the monastery fell into decay. The fire of the 15-th century destroyed all the buildings. The revival of the monastery began in 1557-1570 years. The Tsar Ivan the Terrible honored the memory of St. Stephan – wonder- worker and helped to restore it. The monastery existed until 1922. Then it was closed, its buildings were used for household needs.
After many years of desolation, in 1993, the revival of the monastery began. It is a nunnery now. All the churches were restored, there is an orphanage for girls there. The revival of the Christian life changed the situation in Makhra. The Mother – Superior and the nuns do their best to return the former glory and spiritual strength to this place.
On the 27-th of June, the day of St’ Stephan’s memory, a lot of pilgrims from different parts of our country visit Makhra to admire the results of the nuns’ work.
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