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The village of Novaya Malykla, Ul’yanovskaya Region

Андреева Александра, ученица 6 б класса
Учитель: Каргина Елена Ивановна
МОУ Новомалыклинская СОШ
имени Героя Советского Союза М. С. Чернова
Новомалыклинского района Ульяновской области

Герб Новой Малыклы
New Malykla is situated not far from Ulyanovsk. The history of our village began in the 18th century. The name came from the Turkic: «малыклы» - belonging to the owner. Since 2006 New Malykla has its own coat of arms and its flag. We have all the opportunities to work and study, to live and rest, to create and enjoy ourselves. There are many interesting sights in New Malykla. In the center of the village on the podium there is a tractor "Universal". It was installed in 1969 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the collectivization. In Victory Park there is a monument to the Soldier-liberator. The names of the dead soldiers during the Great Patriotic War are carved on the stone.In 2000 the Museum of Local History was opened in New Malykla. Here you can see the Hall of Military Fame, the Hall of Labor Fame, the interior of a peasant's house and the exhibition of the local artist’s (N.K.Frolkov) paintings. Our school is named in honor of the Hero of Soviet Union M.S.Chernov. In front of our school there is a monument to him. At school we have the Hall of Military Fame. Park “Dream” is a favorite place for kids. Here you can see a lot of fairy-tale characters such as: Emelya, Funny Dwarf, Buratino, a speckled hen, the Golden Fish. In this wonderful park there is Baba Yaga's house and a Fairy Palace. I invite everybody to visit this beautiful land.

Новая Малыкла

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