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Taganrog Tram Office

Kseniya Shcherba
Form 4A
School 12

I am Kseniya Shcherba and I am a 4 year pupil of school number 12. I live in Taganrog. My hobby is collecting sticky labels. I also go in for basketball. My dad is a manager of Taganrog Tram Office and he tells me much about his job. I am greatly interested in it and so I want to tell you about the history of this Tram Office.
First the Town Duma wanted to organize tram traffic in our town in 1912 but they weren’t able to do it Then on October, 9, 1930 a bureau on the foundation of the tram traffic in Taganrog was organized. And on November, 7, 1932 the first tram line was put into operation. Its length was only 8 km and it was covered with flowers that day. 8 carriages were on the line and they worked only 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. The carriages were cold and uncomfortable. The tram drivers stood when they drove the trams.
But the people of Taganrog needed more and more such transport as the tram. And 4 years later the length of the tram lines was 27,2 km. 26 carriages with 21 trailers went along them. There were 85 tram drivers and 135 controllers at that time. By 1941 there were already 5 tram routes and 51 carriages in Taganrog.
Since that time the Tram Office has increased greatly. They have got the newest comfortable carriages from Ust-Katavsk. There are 9 tram routs in our town. The trams carry about 170000 passengers daily, and the service is polite and sharp. The Office is of great success nowadays due to honest, simple, industrious, devoted to their work people.
An interesting fact in the history of our tram is that since September, 1, 1993 till June, 15, 1997 all the passengers used trams free of charge. This year Taganrog Tram Office is celebrating its 80th Anniversary.
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