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Saint-Petersburg. PLACES AND DREAMS.

Прудникова Надежда, ученица 9 класса Б,
ГБОУ школы № 94 г. Санкт-Петербурга
Учитель английского языка:
Смирнова Мария Алексеевна

Saint-Petersburg is the most cultural and beautiful city in Russia. But beyond that, St. Petersburg also has many magical places. Each of these places is wonderful and magic, each attraction has a special energy –all wishes, even the most secret, come true if you think of them there. There are lots of such places in Saint Petersburg. There are 7 main places. Probably, because number 7 is also a magic number.
Probably, the most visited place is Peter and Paul Fortress. Peter and Paul Cathedral is an absolutely unique phenomenon. According to the legend, the place with the spire on top is a very powerful beam of energy called the divine. If you want to catch its ray, stand facing east on the snout of the copper, mounted on the floor at the entrance of the church. It is located just below the spire. When you are like a cat on hot bricks, when you are very sad or even depressed – walk around the church without entering – you feel better at once. In the Peter and Paul Fortress there are graves of the royal family. Touching the grave of Paul I will help in exams, business affairs, establishing the business. You should touch the tomb and say, 'Help me, Paul! " Another well- known place is The Palace Square, with Alexander Column in the centre. Knowledgeable people say that any wish will come true if you walk around clockwise three times, focusing on your dream, and forgetting about other things.
You can also make a wish on the Spit of Vasilevsky Island with the granite lions. But only a wish about love. For girls who dream to get married, the best way to find the only love is to kiss the stone lion. The vow of chastity is said to disappear. At the University embankment one can make any wish. There are griffons downstairs to Neva. There is a legend, if you put your hand into the mouth of griffin, will hold the tooth and make a wish, it will come true. If you stroke its paw, then there always will be peace, happiness, good fortune at your home. If you stroke griffin wings, then your career will certainly be successful , and if you stroke the head, looking into the eyes of the sphinx , the most incredible desire will come true. So the Griffins are the most fondled creation.
At the monument to Alexander Pushkin on Arts Square you can make a romantic wish. If you have been living with your partner for a long time and need to refresh your relationships, firstly talk to Pushkin, secondly to your partner, then ask you partner for a date and come separately. They say if you hold the little finger or the thumb of sculpture of Peter, by Shemyakin, any wish will come true. So Peter's fingers are polished after lots of touchings.
Well, probably the most romantic place is the Kissing bridge. It is believed that people in love will be very happy if they kiss on the bridge and even happier if under it. Moreover, the duration of happiness depends on the duration of a kiss Modern St. Petersburg couples cannot live without this ritual, they must walk or drive to the kissing bridge, and start kissing on the one side of the Moika river, and end - on the other. In addition, it is believed that when close people break up, they have to say good-bye on this bridge, as parting is surely to speed up the meeting, and certainly people who left will return. Visit this magical places and feel the fascination with the beauty and mystery. If you have everything in your life , and need nothing more, just watch the original attractions and beautiful places of St. Petersburg.

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